Welcome on Wodi Radio, generous sound from Detroit

Wodi Radio, the regional radio reference in Detroit ! The spirit of Folk, Pop and Rock: you will hear the myths of rock, also the pop-rock classics of the 80s and 90s. But also and especially, the best novelties.
Wodi Radio, a radio dedicated to the promotion of new artists from Detroit and American culture. The radio also covers different types of entertainment and talk shows with new updates for listeners 24 hours a day.

Music is rhythm, just like our own body (heartbeat, breathing, etc.) and the world around us; This is why when we hear a music we love, it resonates in us, speaks to us. When a music appeals to us, we can feel real relaxation and sometimes even chills. This is explained by the fact that it is the hormone of well-being (the endorphin) that is released in us. Soft music in general is a painkiller, romantic music awakens our emotions and feelings, the more rhythmic music like rock or metal are hyperstimulating and accelerate the rhythmicity of our body and techno music prepares it for physical effort. However, the affinities of each one vary and it is important to choose what we like, while retaining a receptivity for other musical genres, because according to our state of mind and that of our body, our tastes can change.

Live and podcast interviews

On Wodi Radio, you will listen to all the music of yesterday, the day before yesterday, today and tomorrow. There is something for every taste and everybody finds its happiness there. Find your favorite songs ordered by styles. Every day, we interview an artist on Wodi Radio. We ask him to talk about his news and current affairs in general. See the "Interviews" section. Podcasts are always available in replay for all those who could not be with us live, during the interviews of our stars. Go to the "Podcast" section. Music news, weather, job offers, events, you have all at the same time on Wodi Radio, under the heading "News".

Talk with us !


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