In a market saturated with brands, messages and products, it is essential for any e-commerce entrepreneur the visibility of their online store to attract customers and in this way guarantee the permanent profitability of the business. Internet has expanded the possibilities of any company to reach a greater number of customers regardless of where they are, by offering different means to promote an online store.

Although there are different ways to promote an online store, when starting an internet business the positioning process is usually quite slow, so an online store requires a good active promotion strategy to reap success more quickly. Strategies such as working with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), doing good email marketing and having a lot of movement in social networks guarantees the success of the online store in the long term, therefore the best ways to promote an online store and get more results immediate are shown below.

Keys to promote an online store and get results quickly

Collaborations with influencers

Get visibility for your online store through a prescriber who has the power to influence the opinion of its thousands of followers is a foolproof strategy. Search the internet on topics related to your products and your target audience, you can find a large number of influencers to which you can offer different possibilities of collaboration:

  • Review of a product of your store: Ask them to write about your product on your blog, for which you must send the product so they can try it and also you must surely pay for the article they write from your blog. It is a good investment if you choose the blog well, because thousands of people will read the article and you will also get links from a reputable site to your store.
  • Article as a guest: Another possibility is to offer yourself to write an article as a guest on your blog, in this way you will get a lot of visibility and your brand will appear as a guest in other related blogs. Also in the article you can include links to your store and get quality links from a website with good positioning, which will help boost yours.
  • Celebrate a launch event for your store: Make a launch event and invite bloggers from the sector is a very good way to get visibility for your store because they will publish it on their social networks and will have a lot of movement among their followers.

Press appearances

Appearing in press helps to promote your store in two ways:

  • Legitimate your business and give confidence to your potential customers. An appearance in the press gives a business a lot of notoriety and credibility. If you appear in the press it is because you are really good at what you do, that is what your audience perceives. For this reason many professionals and online stores include in their websites the logos of the media in which they have appeared.
  • It gives a lot of temporary visibility to your business. Although the effect of an appearance in the press is short in time (may last a couple of months), the audience you can reach is huge so it will give your brand a good boost. If you achieve frequent press appearances, success is assured.

Take advantage of networking opportunities

Building networks is a great way to publicize your online store. Here are some ideas:

  • Local networking events. These events are usually in the programs for entrepreneurs and represent a good way to make your store known among professionals in the area. Synergies or potential customers may arise.
  • Networking with other stores with common interests. That is, if for example you are dedicated to selling ceramic dishes, you can collaborate with a cooking blog that needs some beautiful dishes to show their recipes or with a decoration blog, among others.
  • Organize events collaborating with others. It can be a small event in which several stores share the same target audience with the purpose of joining efforts to get more visibility. Uniting the convening power of all, it is possible to reach many people.