Social media platforms stopped being a simple social channel to share photos or to know the life of celebrities; nowadays social media platforms are a powerful tool for all businesses, regardless of their size, as they can reach growing audiences and also sell directly through that channel. In particular, Facebook has the power to create conversations about a store and its products, and eventually develop a community around a business page.

Facebook is a social media platform that is especially versatile for companies. The lack of character limits in its publications, as well as the ability to use photos and videos, differs from other platforms such as Twitter or Pinterest. This versatility allows eCommerce store owners to know their customers’ reactions and make positive changes. It should also be noted that Facebook has more than two thousand two hundred million active users representing one of the most popular places on the internet, so creating a fanpage or Facebook page is one of the best ways to get more visibility and attract social traffic from the Internet for any online business.

A fanpage (or Facebook page) is a page with a professional profile created with the purpose of establishing a new direct communication channel with your potential target audience within the social media platform itself. Unlike profiles, fanpages are spaces that bring together interested people on a common issue without the need for friendship approval, which is why they are always visible to the public, allowing more clients to be obtained. The fanpage plays a similar role as if the business had a space on television, newspaper or radio, but with a free option and a much greater reach.

How to create a Facebook fanpage?

  1. Enter the page. The process of creating a page on Facebook is quite simple. The business owner logs into his personal account and visits the subdomain “create a page” on Facebook.
  2. Select the type of page to create. Next, you must choose the type of page you want to create, often select “local business or place”, although if the business is well established, that is, if you can provide relevant information easily, such as the website address and Description of the business, the “brand or product” option applies.
  3. Choose the category and name of your digital business. You must choose between the 36 categories or professional sector to which your eCommerce belongs. If you do not feel identified with any of them, you should choose the one that most closely resembles, among those shown. Next, choose the name you want to show to your fan community and click start.
  4. Create the username and custom URL for your page. Once you have created your Facebook page for your eCommerce you must complete and configure all the most important options, in order to make it more attractive and make it easier for users of this social network to find you. You must indicate the username you want to use for your business fanpage. It is recommended that you choose the name of your online store, Facebook will tell you if it is available or is already being used by another company. Once you edit the username, remember that it will also be part of the URL of your business page.
  5. Add all the information related to your eCommerce. One of the steps you can not forget when creating a fanpage, is the information of your online store. You must choose a profile and cover image for the page that presents your business properly and load it in the spaces enabled for this purpose, and you must offer all possible information such as contact information, location and hours of your eCommerce to generate maximum confidence. In addition, within your fanpage you can show all or some of the products that you currently sell in your online store, in order to make them known to the users who visit your page.
  6. Invite your friends to be fans of your page and attract followers. Once the fanpage of your eCommerce is ready, it is advisable to make it known first to those people you have added as friends in your personal profile. These people can confirm the good management you do in your eCommerce by sharing your page among their respective communities of Facebook friends or telling your experience of your purchases made in your online store, which will attract more customers. 

These steps are just the beginning to develop a strong presence on Facebook. A successful business page on Facebook can create excellent free promotional opportunities, but the lack of followers or an unattractive page will do little to help a company.

Taking the right first steps is vital for an effective page to create commitment and boost sales.