Previously known as Google AdWords, it’s a pay-per-click platform owned by Google, and its used to generate different types of advertisements: search engine texts, advertising on competition pages, product listings or even videos on YouTube. Basically, it is the advertising platform of Google which is divided into the search network and the display network.

The search network is made up of Google search sites and sites like AOL (which don’t belong to Google), and the display network is a set of more than one million websites associated with Google, videos and apps, like YouTube for example. That’s why this advertising tool allows you to achieve almost immediate results to give visibility to your website and, in a few minutes of the publication of the ad, it is seen by your potential customers.

How does it work?

At first glance, it might seem as easy as just paying in order to appear to all audiences of your target market, but it’s not really that simple. Google Ads works like an auction, i.e. advertisers offer money in exchange for clicks. The advantage is that this platform, the biggest offer is not the one to always win. Google couples some quality factors in order to classify the position of Ads based on the Ad Rank. It is not enough to give the best bid. The Ad has to be of really good quality. This means that, even if the offers of the competition are greater than yours, your ad can stand out if your quality index is higher.

Why should online stores use Google Ads?

The advertising options are increasing and as expected, the more options there are, the more difficult is the choice. Many wonder if it is better to choose Google Ads or, for example, Facebook Ads. The truth is that they cannot be compared and that one is not better than the other. They are different and are used for different purposes. They are advertising tools that can be perfectly complemented if your budget allows it.

Before giving specific reasons, it is important that, as a salesperson, you understand one thing. There are three types of audiences, so to speak. The “warm” public that already plans to buy the product you offer, the “temperate” that has a high purchase intention and the “cold” that is not at all interested in buying your product. With a Google Ads campaign endowed with a good selection of keywords, it is much easier to approach a warm or temperate audience because, in Google searches made by the user, there is a real intention to buy. The user is already looking for a solution and compares products.

Facebook Ads campaigns are perfect to get people to know your business, generate brand awareness, attract traffic to the blog, build trust, capture leads (subscribers) and then give way to the sales… In short, you heat your audience and then sell by other means.

Then, why Google Ads?

  1. It is one of the best traffic capturing channels. A beautiful website without traffic is of no use. If your store is very new, you probably have few daily visits and no sales. This medium allows you to climb to the top search positions to gain visibility and start getting your first customers.
  2. It helps you to appear for certain keywords that are difficult to position. SEO is a good strategy, but results are usually obtained in the medium term. You cannot rely solely on organic traffic because there will be keywords for which it will take you a long time to position yourself, so you must use SEM (or sponsored positioning) along with SEO to appear more easily.
  3. It has different ways of capturing quality traffic. Depending on the sector, Google AdWords allows you to promote yourself on the Search Network, on the Display Network, YouTube, etc., and reach many people through different means.
  4. It allows you to launch special products and services. It may be difficult to position yourself for specific keywords in both SEO and SEM. But why not try to get sales by positioning for less requested keywords? This can help you get sales, even if it means less traffic.
  5. It is easier to get conversions. Google Ads gives you the opportunity to search for those keywords that users who are very close to buying might be looking for.
  6. Everything is measurable. As in any digital medium, you can see with data what works best for you and / or know in what step we lose potential customers and see how to solve it.

Google Ads is undoubtedly one of the many Google tools for customer acquisition and due to its high degree of optimization, for many companies it is an indispensable traffic source to get conversions quickly. Define your goals, use measurement systems to measure the outcome of these goals and control costs if you are starting to work with Google Ads.